Practice makes perfect.


· Samsung Developer Conference : ONE UI
· S-Oil Promotion : Refinery facilities
· KEPCO - Next generation electric technology
· KakaoJP : 待てば¥0-Piccoma Mediaday OP.
· HAN-HWA Dreamplus VJ loop
· Archeage branding
· Naver browser : Whale promotion
· Black Desert Online weapon trailer
· Black Desert TVCF : Real World
· Black Desert Warfare infographic
· Black Desert Online - developer diary (Gamescom 2016)


Creative motion graphic designer, design and CG artist.
Planning and directing, generalizing the entire projects.

CG, Modeling, and texture representation and animation required for motion graphics are all possible, and as a result the designer can get the best results in a given situation.

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A-406 Uspace 660, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Phone: +10 8984 6856
Since: 2015


Samsung Developer Conference : ONE UI

It is a ONE UI branding video by samsung developer confenrece held at Moscone Center in San Francisco.  ︎

S-Oil Promotion : Refinery facilities

It is the promotion image about the technology of the next generation refinery facilities in Ulsan.  ︎

KEPCO : Electric museum - Next generation electric technology

KEPCO branding video to be screened at the Electric Museum in Naju.  ︎

KakaoJP : 待てば¥0-Piccoma Mediaday OP.

Growth story of Piccoma, which is about birth, growth, and continuing the relationship for the future.  ︎

HAN-HWA Dreamplus VJ loop

Loop video played on the large screen
of the lobby and cafeteria.